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Well it all began when I turned 16. Two Gemini belt drive turn tables and a 4 channel gemini mixer. I took a serious passion to music; especially housemusic. I remember seeing Little louie Vega mixing it up at House Nation and Bobby Konders in the reggae room. Soon the house parties began and they were definitely all nighters. Having played in several local clubs, bars, lounges my crates of record library grew and doing a party meant rolling with a crew to help carry the them. In college I played at the campus radio station for WRPI in Troy NY. That was the first time around i was around professional studio equipment and it was a great experience. Stubbornly i fully skipped the CD era and continued playing  vinyl. Then came the era of serato and that changed the game. Still playing and practicing with vynil but upgrading to a controller for my mobile DJ purposes.
     I consider myself a versatile dj that can play anything from house, pop, merengue, salsa, reggaethon, bachata, cumbia, Hip-hop, R&B, Reggae, disco, rock, and many more. I've done more weddings and sweet 16's that i can remember and I enjoyed everyone of them. Making good memories that last a life time is my high. Knowing that people can go back and always remember the music is why i work hard on every private event customizing it to the customers liking.
     I have worked in many night spots through the years but have always been bless with private events and that is where my focus is.
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